A Decluttered Life


The Art of Decluttering

I recently finished The Art of Decluttering by Kon Mari. This short and simple book had a fairly profound impact on my life. Here are a few important principles that I learned from the book:

  • 'Somtimes' usually means 'never'.
  • You cannot change habits without first changing the way you think.
  • Surround your life with things that bring you joy. Every time you look around, you always feel positive with your items, and never frustrated by where they are and should be.
  • Deciding what items to own and keep is an act of deciding how you want to live your life. The things you keep is a reflection of your values, and what is really important in your life.
  • Letting go and discarding items allows you to process your past, instead of simply stashing it away.
  • Your living space should be a reflection of who you are becoming, instead of who you were.

Decluttering the Mind

We engage in a thoughtful process when deciding how to declutter and organize our physical possessions, but the greater lesson is applying this process more generally in the way we think. By focusing on thoughts and activities that bring us joy and continually having an internal dialogue, we find time in our busy lives to reflect on who we really are and will become.

My life is now more organized and meaningful as I constantly remind myself to be thoughtful and reflect on how I live my life. I am also trying to apply the same thought processes towards work and coding :)