Assuming you have all the tools and knowledge in the world to solve a problem, WWYD (what would you do)?

Deep in my heart, I know I only care about the relevance of humanity in the conscious evolution of the universe. Given my pessimism, I am truly afraid of the abyss as I gaze into it, and afraid that humanity's role in a conscious universe is insignificant, given the current trajectory that we are heading. We are fighting amongst ourselves over insignificant physical resources, when the more pressing problem of our relevance as conscious beings in the universe is becoming overshadowed by the rapid advance of our own creation: computing intelligence.

Yet I am here, with stories, knowledge and experience directly passed down from my direct future generations, the same way our ancestors shared their stories in past history. I believe in the symbolism of a story and narrative, and how it drives our being and consciousness, which in turns shapes the world we live in.

Our world is governed by physical laws, but in reality, it is shaped by ideas. A scientific idea, backed by the idea of the scientific process, has been a catalyst for a new consciousness in humanity for the past few centuries. Simply with this human ideal, we have reshaped a physical world for future generations. Despite being raised with a scientific foundation, I am starting to realize that human ideas and philosophies passed down over generations, are arguably more valuable to solving human problems that still exist today.

When I reflect on the present, I realize that we have largely offloaded these challenges as technical or political challenges. I challenge myself to revisit the reality I live in, knowing that I am fortunate to have both the awareness and access of knowledge that is stored on the digital web (which far exceeds the capacity of my biological mind). Despite this easy access to information, the core of the problem still relies on the individual self, and the desire for myself to take actions to solving relevant problems in this world.

I am wielder of science and technology, changing the world in various ways by the mere act of keypresses on a mechanical keyboard. My knowledge is limited by my willingness to learn, and my desire to solve existing human problems. Actively acknowledging my deficiencies in these areas, I meditate and ask myself the fundamental question:

What would you do if you are given all the tools and knowledge in the world? What problem would you solve?

I'll give it a shot and work towards building tools and solutions that equalizes and grants power to humans to generate ideas, propelling the conscious universe forward in a meaningufl human direction.