When my ideas are heartfelt and genuine, they affect people genuinely. Given the right medium, they can touch the lives of many. When my ideas are non-genuinely crafted to reach many, they are no better than noise in an already distracted world.

I will be tempted by Money, Fame or Power for potential ideas. Be mindful that inviting these too readily means giving away a personally fought journey. Is it worth running an empire that I no longer control? I think not, and I will focus on continuing to build meaningful experiences for myself and others. As I am approached with these temptations, it is in my control to reject them and remind myself that true meaning is only retained if I ideas are genuinely implemented. Keep myself focused on the task at hand, and realize that my ideas are more valuable than what these tempations offer. If anything, it is an 'initial offer' and I should take my time to negotiate on the final terms!

Do everything deliberately and with control. If I succeed or fail in the future, I have no regrets since I was at least honest and personal to myself in expressing these ideas, values, and principles.

Try to be comfortable with gray areas in life. Life is not about finding ideal answers, but getting a sense of feeling right in the moment. Trust myself to be both the diligent student and caring teacher in continually learning in life.