We are all in this together. Let's make it count.


Information/data is all around us. I enjoy building interfaces to transform data into meaningful experiences.

I wish to contribute towards an open and cheap future, where everyone can solve higher-order challenges without struggling with lower-order problems.

I believe that the choices we make matter more than the goals we seek. They reflect our principles, beliefs and values on how we conduct ourselves and the work we create.


Most of my projects touch on the following broad areas: data, visualization, ui, ux, open-source, automation, design-system,

and other specific topics such as: jamstack, component-library, markdown, cheap-ui, progressive-documentation, genetic-algorithms.


As a hack-of-all-trades, I am unopinionated about tools and utilize what is best for the task. I have used the following tools effectively in past projects: react, redux, graphql, d3, three, gatsby, netlify, typescript, flow, markdown, jest, cypress, python, sql.


My approach of building simple, cheap and quality interfaces are largely inspired by the following people: @jxnblk, @ramaworks, @mbostock, @gaearon, @xxiivv.


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